Duval Guillame

A new nice campaing for Gaia dveloped in Belgium against foie gras.
Foie gras - or “fatty liver” - is still a very popular Christmas and year end dinner dish in Belgium. Because most people don’t know it’s made from the grotesquely enlarged livers of ducks and geese, the result of horrifying force-feeding.

The campaign was supposed to run in 40 major Belgian railway stations… but the railway company refused the posters because they are “too shocking”.
Maybe railway companies fear to loose McDonalds as an advertiser...

About animal rights and refused campaings, also see this nice piece from Incognito (Finland) for Animalia.

Thanks to Matthias!


Ben Popken said…
Little interview with Matthias about the campaign here:
jamus said…
Actually, I can tell you because I know, nearly everybody eats and loves (and gets a little sick of by seasons end) foie gras at christmas time in France, and everybody knows exactly where it comes from and how its made. The implication that consumers of foie gras are ignorant of means and source of production reveals only the foolishness of he who implicates. In fact I find this advertisement extremely funny and can only think that it would be an advertisement FOR foie gras, and furthermore I cannot believe that railways would refuse to show it.
I do not support animal cruelty, I like foie gras but would be heartbroken were it taken off the shelves.
But really thats quite cute! Have you considered that there might be geese out there, who like human beings, like a little S & M? No? Me either. Untill now.
[...] Debido a mi rechazo al foie gras, y a mi tendencia vegetariana (de vez en cuando como carne, pero lo que es en mi casa es muy raro que la prepare) me gustó mucho un cartel publicitario que encontré que por lo visto procede de Bélgica. [...]
kostia said…
Geese do not have a gag reflex. Force-feeding does not feel to them the way it would to people. The rage against foie gras is ridiculous on so many levels.

These ads, though? They're hilarious. Ineffective, but funny.
Matthias said…
It's your right of course to doubt that forcefeeding geese, resulting in a liver than becomes 10 (ten!) times its normal size in just 14 days doesn't harm them.

Regarding the "ineffectiveness" of the campaign: Gfk figures show that the sales in the month that the campaign ran were 9,4% lower than the same month the year before.
Patrick said…
Jamus, where i live, its not popular, i had no idea what it was.
it doen't sound like something that would be very popular throughout Canada and the US either, thoguh i may be worng, it might be the most delicious thing ever.
Yann said…
Good, proper and tasty foie gras is made out of fat geeses, not over-fed, unhealthy ones. If you force-feed a geese, chance is it'll get sick and its liver will taste icky and yucky as a result.

That said, very funny ad!
Jason said…
Actually foie gras is consumed in Canada and in the United states. You cannot prepare a tournedo rossini without proper foie, and this dish is found in many fine dinning establishments in both countries. Let us not forget foie pate. There are many people who enjoy foie gras knowing full well how it is made. The truth is many of us think it a right shame to ban the product. Perhaps we are sadists, it is something we accept. What irks me is that there are groups out there that claim a righteous stance and proclaim that we shouldn't consume foie or other animal by-products. I take no issue with someone else's decision not to consume something. However I do draw the line at someone telling me how to conduct my own life. If you do not like foie gras or feel that it is cruel the siple solution is not to eat it, and stop worrying about the choices others make. Banning foie outright is an act I will never understand, nor sanction. Take my foie away and you have taken away one of the finest ingredients in the art of cusine.
[...] En Bélgica es tradición comer Foie Gras en navidad, y para concienciar a las personas que abandonen esta tradición, la empresa Gaia solicitó una original campaña de concienciación a través de unos agresivos anuncios que podéis ver en AdverBox. [...]