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Regione Lombardia rented for € 50,000 the face of the Pirelli Skyscraper to Motorola, who used it to deliver the biggest ad ever featured on a Skyscraper. The ad, projected on a 4,000 sqm surface by 15 Stark projectors, enlighted the surface of the famous skyscraper for some nights (since Nov. 29th) and featured the new stylish cellphone just launched in Italy by Motorola. The light design is from Paolo Buroni, who cutted the phone image in 15 parts and reproduced them on the face of the Pirelli. Some pics from the press:

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Mike Bawden said…
Very impressive. I've added this to Tuesday's list of posts marketing folks should review on my blog: "Much Ado About Marketing" - thanks for finding this and posting it!


Mike Bawden
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I'm one of the two editors of Turkish ad&design blog BiguMigu. Couple days ago I happen to view the news about Motorola's Pirelli Tower outdoor at Adverbox. It was very interesting for me to see a blog entry about an outdoor that is claimed to be the largest skyscraper ad ever. Nowadays, there's a very big art event is happening in Istanbul: the Picasso in Istanbul exhibition. During the communication activities for the exhibition, one of the tallest skyscrapers of Istanbul, the Sabanci Tower#1 was used for a very large ad. I don't know whether Motorola or Picasso is the largest one, but as long as I know, Sabanci Tower is taller than Pirelli tower, so I wonder if Picasso job can be the largest ad on a skyscraper.

There are some pictures of the Sabanci Tower here, at this link of our website's page about the Picasso ad:


Yalcin Pembecioglu