FCB Austria

"More education for girls in Islamic countries."
Art Direction: Tolga Büyükdoganay
Copy: Patrik Partl
Epica Silver, Eurobest Silver

Thanks to Tolga for dropping this one!

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Anonymous said…
This is one of the most racist ads I've ever seen. And those racist Europian creatives bringing it to the front. What a pitty Unicef has its sign underneath of it. Hopefully that shame will be punished by entire of the world's creative community. On the other hand that ad looks like a scam. And I bet you it's. Most likely they've got that idea before the brief and client. Let me ask, is it for Arabic countries? Is it for Europian countries? What we should do with that message? More education is okay for the Islamic girls. So what?
Neuville said…
Hello Anonymous,
I think the ad is for european countries. I like it; despite the fact that it's focused on arabic countries and there should be more education also in european countries... but this is another story.

BTW I feel that fits the message; and I feel that is a good message to pass, almost here. If you want we can discuss it.

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Alberto Campos said…
You're trying to fool us - or yourself? Of course it is not targeted for Europe - it's well written and understandable: “More education for girls in Islamic countries.” Apart a few US protectorates in ex-Jugoslavia, name me an islamic country in Europe... It is intended to open your eyes, Anonimous: yes, more education for girls in your country; yes, more rights for girls and women in your country! The ad is striking because your laws and habits are cruel, medieval and striking too. I hope that thousands of punchy ads like this one may one day finally change your mentality.