We've got the Linkbase!

Since its birth, AdverBox has missed a link section. I don't like much links in the sidebar, they risk to become a list of items with small opportunities to feature the stuff there is out there. So I've decided to make the set-up of a link database, organized in categories and searchable for argument, name, Country, and everything is told in the description. Me alone is not enough to build a great base of shared knowledge; so, in the database will be YOU to decide what links to feature, by posting them directly. All the links will be manually reviewed (to prevent unwanted spam actions), but if you fill the form and your site fits the nature of the thing, you may be sure you'll be added. You can also post your favourite websites, and can suggest new categories: there are seven or eight categories, now in the Base, but I think they will grow up quite rapidly. You may suggest new categories by writing the thing directly in the "Description" field of the posting form. I think that's all by now... I'm making some upgrades to ensure a great visibility to *all* the websites you will submit. By now, have a good posting! :-) Neuville VIEW THE LINKBASE