Introducing AdverBox Shuffle

One of the limits of using Blogger is the lack of an archiving system that enables user to browse and find contents. I'm still working on it, in order to give AdverBox visitors and friends the most complete view on the featured contents.

AdverBox has an editorial model base on One page = One campaign, in order to give each creative its own space, and the creatives are now over 300; the lack of an archive doesn't allow to fully apprecciate the stuff featured here.

This randomizer is a bit of code that allows to sort a random ad from the archive. To launch this I decided to post, in the video section, the iPod Shuffle commercial (old stuff but still cool); the pay-off is "Life is Random", and so I like it :-)

For this I've also selected some great campaigns of 2005, randomly sorted through the randomizer:

- National Corporation against Child Abuse (great social posters) - Cirque du Soleil (Guerrilla) - Artis Zoo of Amsterdam (nice illustrations) - Animalia (stopped campaign against abuse on animals) - Post-It - Grundig (the beard-trimmer) - Boddington Export (great beer ads) - Cannondale (3d bike posters) - Hans Brinker Budget Hotel (the cheapest) - Adidas (the bump)
Thanks to C3O that coded this.

P.S. You find the Shuffle button in the top navbar. Good [Random] Luck!