Audi A2

Probably the best outdoor campaign ever realized.
A campaign developed in 2001 for teh All Aluminium Audi A2.

The poster is a colour-changing "living" aluminium sheet.

Below the Press-Release by JCDecaux (08 May 2001):

Media world first for Audi and Mediacom

The medium has literally become the message as Mediacom, BBH and JCDecaux have developed the first ever aluminium poster campaign for the Audi A2 – the world’s first mass-produced aluminium car.

The unique campaign was developed to fit exactly with Audi’s brief to raise awareness of the Audi A2 and, vitally, communicate the product’s core benefits. An ingenious and innovative vehicle, the A2 has an all-aluminium body, making it lighter and consequently both more economical and environmentally friendly. The media solution had to be as progressive as the model itself.

Mediacom, BBH and JCDecaux’s production and solutions department, Adapt, created a worldwide first by harnessing new production technology to produce 300 96-sheet posters made entirely of fully recyclable aluminium, as per the car. These unique and unmissable posters showcase the car and feature the strapline: "Lighter on metal, lighter on fuel. The new aluminium A2". The aluminium posters ensure that the medium really is the message, providing an innovative communication platform that goes beyond traditional outdoor space.

Karen Blackett, Board Director at Mediacom said: "The campaign clearly demonstrates how all parties worked together to deliver the best communication solution for Audi, and achieve a media first".

Peter Whelan, Head of Outdoor at Mediacom commented: "It was through our close relationship with JCDecaux and their commitment to innovation, that we were able make a creative media idea really happen."

JCDecaux Marketing Director David McEvoy said: "Working closely with Mediacom and BBH has enabled us to produce this innovative campaign and fit the medium to the brief exactly. JCDecaux Adapt is uniquely placed to develop unusual, exciting campaigns, and Audi is a fantastic example of this."

The campaign breaks nationally on May 4th, and will be supported by a range of other media. To compliment the aluminium posters Mediacom has also booked the largest poster site in the UK for Audi's smallest car.

The A40 banner site in London measures 67.5m wide x 16m high, and is 54 times the size of a 48s poster. Further product detail will be communicated through press ads in style magazines and colour supplements. Postcards in trendy bars and restaurants are booked to reinforce the stylish and contemporary nature of the A2.

Rawdon Glover, Head of Marketing at Audi U.K. said, "Our agencies have developed a creative media solution, which manages to clearly demonstrate one of the key product attributes of the Audi A2 in a truly innovative fashion."

Facts on the aluminium posters:

* Individual poster weight 96kg
* Total weight of metal used 28,800kg
* Total number of aluminium sheets 7,200
* Number of screens 54
* Number of drill holes 43,200
* Production turnaround time 6 weeks
* The material has been acquired from countries as far away as Croatia and Egypt
* The patented process used to apply the Audi images to the aluminium has never been used before in outdoor advertising. The method uses transfer technology: ink is printed to a carrier film and transferred at high pressure and temperature to the aluminium. Consequently, the design becomes an integral part of the material itself.


Martine said…
I'm a university student in communication, for works in advertising. Now, I'm working on a ethic problem in add, and I would like to know if this add for the Audi A2 was created on one poster or...graduted; like the first week you posted the first poster, and more?
It will be appreciated if you reply to my soon as possible!
Neuville said…
Hello Martine,
the ad was realized on an aluminium sheet. The colour changes as time goes by, because the sheet is outdoor and subject to atmospherical issues. Hope this will be useful, ciao!
Martine said…
Thanks for the reply! But the colour change by themselves as I'm right???
Sorry if my english is bad...!!!
Visivamente potente!
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