Pesto al Blogger - San Lorenzo

Was browsing the internet last day when I found this nice marketing thing made by San Lorenzo, a small Italian company that produces and sells (also on-line) food products.

They've set-up a nice blog, speaking about products and recipes. The interesting thing is that they're currently running a buzz campaign to promote the blog and the company. How? Giving out some products for free!.

You just need to be a blogger since almost six months and put some data into a form to receive a box containing a pack of Trofie (typical italian pasta) and a jar of Pesto alla Genovese (other typical Italian product: it's something like a sauce). Just wait some day for Italian postage company to deliver ;-)

The aim of the campaign is clearly declared into the post: making buzz around San Lorenzo and try to be viral.

If you speak some Italian you can read about this thing in the San Lorenzo blog.