God Save Banana Republic!

or "Il Caimano" #2.
Again on the film by Nanni Moretti, that was presented yesterday to the (lucky) press people.
This morning I was reading the newspaper while drinking my coffee, and read something about the movie.

Some words about the film:
It has few things to do with politics, they say: it's like some description of Italy, and not of italian politics. Main arguments are cinema and love, tells Nanni Moretti himself in this interview released to Repubblica, the main Italian newspaper.

The scandal:
- Rai Due (the second public tv here in Italy) and Mediaset (three commercial tvs' property of our Prime Minister) decided to censore the film (for the "par condicio" rule, they say, that impose, during the election campaign, to give the same visibility on media to both the candidate parties). Currently, on 7 national tv companies, just three (Rai Uno and Rai Due, public property, and La7, owned by Tronchetti Provera), are making some media coverage for the movie.
- Emilio Fede, a journalist and director of TG 4, a bad television news program broadcasted by Rete 4 (property of the prime minister) decided not to go to see the movie, because he was afraid for his personal safety (we all know how it can be dangerous to go see a movie at cinema nowadays)
- I'm now reading that a movie theater in Padova (small Italian city) has been entirely booked by some delegates of forza italia (the prime minister political party) to prevent people from watching it (it can be some dangerous, maybe)
- The prime minister silvio berlusconi told that he won't watch the movie. I think that he won't allow the film to be watched in his movie theatre chain Medusa Cinemas (the largest in Italy). Great marketing fault (but the prime minister is still quite rich), because the censorship made on Moretti is making his movie one of the most important italian films this years.

I'll go to see the movie in about an hour. God Save Banana Republic!

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