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In the latest two weeks I've seen in the city some billboards to promote the new movie by Nanni Moretti, one of the few good italian filmmakers of the latest 20 years. The billboards do not give any information about the "debut day" of the film, so I guessed at Sacher Film, the production house owned by Moretti, they intended them as a teaser for running citizens (as usual they do for new movies).

Now something is discovered: the film (here in Italy we say film to say movie) will be out on March 24th. The teaser is currently running also on the internet, that is used to create some suggestions: the only things we know are that Moretti won't be part of the cast, and that the film tells the story of a filmmaker that is trying to make a film about Berlusconi, Italy's current prime minister.

By now we have not other elements: just an image of the billboard and a teasing video, released by Sacher Film and published in an interactive section of (the website of the most importan italian newspaper).

Here's one of the billboards I've seen in the city:

The film will be in the cinemas two weeks before Italian election day: I hope it will be useful ;-)

And this is the teasing video from Repubblica (requires Windows Media Player)

I'll be on the argument the next Friday, after watching the movie


simone said…
Ah ah ah, non avevo capito che eri italiano!
In ogni caso, non definirei Repubblica il maggior quotidiano italiano. Non che me ne intenda, ma per questioni affettive continuo a considerare il Corriere come gran capo dei giornali italiani.
Neuville said…
Ciao Simone,
sono italiano e il blog è Made in Italy ;-)

Dai, il Corriere come primo quotidiano mi sembra che stia perdendo colpi, nonostante mi sia più simpatico dopo le ultime dichiarazioni di Mieli.

E poi, fra i primi editorialisti della Repubblica c'era Calvino, e questo lo pone anni luce avanti al Corriere :-) Anche il nome, "la Repubblica"...

To the readers:
Excuse us for this spaghetti thread, but I couldn't resist to post something in Italian into the blog :-)