Assvertising. A good deal for MTN?

Just received this press release from Rossella Ferrara at MTN, a new media agency from the South of Italy:

The ass-vertising arrives finally in Italy too.

It was MTN Company, a brave and innovative integrated communication agency of South Italy, to realize about the great potentials of the bottom as advertising media.

The agency has taken advantage of the ass of fascinating models to promote itself and its creative minds, and to launch the new company website (

Models have been walking around italian towns, attracting people’s gaze not only by their body appearance. In fact girls have rising their skirt more than once, showing their bottom and white panties with MTN logo.

The ass-vertising has been used within a wider re-positioning campaign, characterized by the integrated use of traditional and non-traditional communication media, like a stickering actions all over South Italy.

The operation has given excellent results: within only a week the website accesses have raised over four times, and the news is spreading all over the net…

That’s what happens when a company success is not only a matter of… look!

I do not like assvertising a lot; the selling proposition is a woman's ass, and that is not so good, for women and for products.
By the way I do not think this is a good idea to promote a company. It can be a good idea to sell soaps and mass-market products, but they're trying to sell ideas. They're trying to make this in the South of Italy (I know very well Salerno, the city where MTN has its offices) that is a non-marketing area. They're making some buzz on the net, but they're not hitting their target. The website itself is not so full of content.

For those who want to see, here some pics from the ass-operation.





[...] Son dönemlerde bu tarz çalışmalar yoÄŸunlaÅŸmaya baÅŸladı. Bu da Güney Ä°talyadan. MTN isimli yeni bir reklam ajansının tanıtım çalışması. Bu tarz reklamlar doÄŸal olarak çok dikkat çekiyor. Ama belli bir süre sonra sıkıcı durumuma düÅŸebilirler. Daha önce de benzer çalışmalara rastlamıştık. Onlarda tesadüfen görünüyor havası varken, bunda hatun kiÅŸi, resmen poposunu gösteriyor. Eh doÄŸal bir durum kalmıyor. ilgi çekici (en azından ajans bayağı ilgi çekmiÅŸ italyada) ama bu Assvertising’in de orjinal bir tarafı kalmadı artık. Daha ileri aÅŸamasını düÅŸünemiyorum. Reklamlar her yerde.Kaynakça  ************************************************ ************************************************* [...]
simone said…
E' una banfata.
Neuville said…
Simone says: "It's a fake".
I'm thinking the same thing, but why taking the shots and a making buzz with a press-release? I simply keep it as a wrong marketing action.
Rob said…
Well I do not know what this is advertising, all I can remember is how nice the asses look. Heck it could be advertising BMW for all I care, it is the asses I remember.
Different Rob said…
Why wear pantyhose? The impactis not ass effective!
E-diggity said…
She has a nice ass, and no one can resist looking at a sexy person revealing their ass. But what is MTN? Is this enough to get people to run to their computers and Google it? Maybe... one out of 100 or something. It definitely turns heads, but I'm not so sure it delivers a strong message. The challenge of advertising is to do both. Isn't it?
lori ziedins said…
you know what, this is just more of the inappropriate behavior that society does not need to encourage, our kids see way to much sexuality as it is, diseases are at an all-time high and our youth generation over the past 10 years is more sexual than the "freedom era" of the 60's and 70's which brought us Aids as well as other sexually transmitted diseases. When is the media going to realize they need to find a more "wholesome" way to advertise and stop using our young people as vehicles for their money making endeavors!! I think its horrible!!
Michael said…
[...] But Steve’s tired of it, damn it! …we’re tired of it. Yea right. We’ll take any opportunity to stick a hot ass up here so when we received a press release from Southern Italy’s MTN telling us about their latest self promotional stunt, we got busy. The agency hired a few women to prance about in Italian cities and flash their asses for passersby to gawk at. Yawn. Oh wait. No. That’s hot! The appropriately named Adverbox has a bunch of pictures for your viewing pleasure. Advertising : Bitch 11:34 am : : [...]
zero said…
This degrades women. Exploitation of women's bodies. This campaign shows cheap concept and cheap standard.
ali rostami said…
ok love mtn
[...] del gruppo facebook dedicato alle terga di Pippa Middleton, la crescente diffusione dell’ #assvertising, pubblicità sfoggiata sulle terga di giovienette sguinzagliate per la città, per non parlare [...]