Nissan Murano

Ambient action for the launch of the new Nissan murano realized by Cunning Communications in U.K. last year.

Week 1
1.5 million cars pass this 3D billboard on the A4 into London every month. Inspired by the Nissan Murano's 'SHIFT_convention' positioning, Cunning position a block of polyfoam in the space...

Later that week
The carving is live and underway as sculptors use the ad space as an artist studio - what they are carving is yet to be revealed...

Week 2
The block of polyfoam is slowly carved, shaped and sanded to reveal even the most intricate parts of the vehicle

Week 3
The Nissan Murano's sleek styling is revealed and now it's just the finishing touches...

At night
Throughout the carving the sculpture is lit in UV to creating a ghostly glow as the Nissan Murano is slowly revealed...

Week 4
The finished carving is replaced with a real Nissan Murano to create a 3D version of the poster execution.

Thanks o Adrian for sending this ad.