Divorce Billboard?

The most expensive targeting ever. A giant billboard to catch just one man's attention.

Hi. Maybe I should introduce myself. Maybe not. Well, okay. I’m Emily. I think I’ll keep my last name out of this. I’m 29. 29 plus a few. Really, I’m 35. But I pass for 30 all the time.

This from Emily's blog. Emily has discovered that her husband has another woman, and have set-up a weblog with a video from the private investigator, showing the man going in a hotel with a young woman.

The ad thing in the story is that Emily has bought a giant billboard in front of the husband's office, and wrote him some lines:


Maybe it's a fake to get traffic (Emily's husband looks too handsome and some shots from the video look too close to be "accidental"). Maybe not and it's dramatically real and we all are (ad) voyeurs. Btw the blog is worth a reading and it's nice how this woman has caught her target :-)

Thanks to Giorgio for dropping this.


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alinush said…
this is a viral ad :)
Brandon said…
It's for a new CourtTV show. The campaign is well-skewered at adland: http://commercial-archive.com/131988.php
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