Carlsberg Table Soccer

Outdoor guerilla campaign developed by Jung Von Matt to promote the first international table soccer world cup. Flyers shaped like real table soccer figures were posted on handrails all around the city of Hamburg (Germany), which hosted the event.

If you look closer at the image there's something odd (I think it's a fake, there are some mistakes in photoshopping), but btw that would be a nice idea.

carlsberg tablesoccer

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Agency: Jung von Matt
Creatives:Ole Kleinhans, Markus Kremer, Joanna Swistowski


elarai said…
i don't think it's a looks like the white edges you see around the figures are the backs of the ones posted onto the other side of the railings.

but then, of course, i could be wrong.
Neuville said…
hmmm, you could be right, elarai, I did not think of it. Let see if someone else has more information about this