Scholz & Friends, Berlin



Si said…
I knew there were people in them machines! I always wondered why some coffee taste better than others.

Seriously, great idea and by using lifesize proportions, its scarily convincing.
MarketingPark said…
Just a modern "trompe l'oeil"?
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Neuville said…
When I was a child I thought there was people in radios and walkmans; that would be nice :-)
Siavosh said…
This had been done as a TV campaign for MTV in germany. They were promoting a mini website on that helped young people find the right job.
Scholz & Friends had seen it for sure.
The Mtv motives were "guy in coffee machine making coffee" and "girl in elevator singing elevator music".
Olinka said…
The idea is ingenious :)
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Rebecca Schulz said…
what a great idea.. just hilarious!
mohamad badr said…
I loved the Idea and i was wondering if the concept has been used in other sectors? the ability to stimulate people's interest and curiosity and still make them attached long after they see pictures is definetly ingenious... to tell you the truth if it happened and i run into the ad it might actually make me change my job... but hey i love my job and this kind of jobs will challenge me to be more creative ;)
KKHC said…
I love it so much!!!
I am trying to get a better job too!!
Eugene said…
That is awesome OOH advertising!! Very well executed!
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