Levi's Musical Jeans

Levi Strauss South Africa's exclusive Levi's Redwire DLX Jeans range is fashion with built-in musical muscle in the form of an iPod designed into the pocket, and the services of some of South Africa's most progressive illustrators were commissioned to take poster-boy MXO's image and twist it into something reflective of Levi's love for music.

The artists involved were Senyol, Ree Treweek, Scott Robertson and Keti

The brief to these artists was to capture the feeling of a song that inspired them. Three illustrators from mattblack, a Cape Town-based art collective, and one from the Durban design agency Science, took on the challenge and turned the musical mystic into a larger than life, supernatural sci-fi hero. They all worked with the same photograph, but the results are varied and reflective of how Redwire DLX Jeans offer the wearer so many more options.

levis1.jpg levis2.jpg levis3.jpg levis4.jpg
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