4 Door Jeep Wrangler

nice guerrilla campaign just received from Ty at BBDO Detroit. Stickers were placed on 2 doors Wranglers to announce the birth of the 4 doors.


Agency: BBDO Detroit
Copywriter: Ty Hutchinson
Art Director: John O'Hea


Grant Walls said…
Really nice idea. But I think it should probably read "this sticker" and "a Wrangler". Did people really run round Detroit looking for Wranglers to stick stickers to?

Loneliness has made me more cynical.

Grant, Italy
Neuville said…
Hello Grant,
I feel this was done to win festivals: surely it will not be so effective (looks a cross or up-selling action, but how many Wranglers are there in detroit, and how many drivers will change it for a 4 doors?... :-))