Blush lingerie




Agency: BBDO, Berlin, Germany
Art director: Toufic Beyhum
Copywriter: Toufic Beyhum
Photographer: Tom Peschel


Max said…
Blush is a very small store for underwear in Berlin. They don't have a website and don't have an online store. They don't have a budget for an advertising campaign and it is obvious that this is one of the "we need to make an ad to win an award" by BBDO...
Neuville said…
Hello Max,
despite they're small, I feel they use good advertising solutions. Just check the other campaigns featured in these pages:

the shopping bag -

the outdoor -

Both the campaign look a good solution between creative needs and a small advertising budget.
Max said…
No doubt, the campaigns that are done for them are nice, some nice than the others (e.g. the shopping bag). My point was something else: Blush is not paying for the campaigns. BBDO is only producing those camapigns to send the results to ADC Germany (Art Directors Club) to win a prize. The campaigns are good, the Blush store is nice (I just bought something there last weekend) but I don't like the whole "we have to win another prize to show we are creative and to get a good ranking" method. It doesn't have to do with this campaign. I just stated it because it was very obvious to me and people who see the campaigns probably think "Blush" is a big label and in reality it is just only 1 small store, not even an own collection...
Neuville said…
Ok, Max, I didn't get the point. Probably you're right to say this, that a great agency could not sustain the efforts for a single shop. I feel this is another way agencies promote themselves...
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[...] A publicação de mais uma campanha da Blush pela BBDO - veja a outra aqui - no Adverbox suscitou um comentário interessante. Segundo o leitor, a Blush é uma pequena loja de lingerie em Berlim, sem filiais nem marca própria. Ela com certeza não paga pela criação das campanhas e não se sabe se elas são realmente veiculadas. Mas a BBDO inscreve todas as peças nos principais festivais para faturar alguns uns prêmios. Como diz o Ancelmo, deve ser difícil viver num país onde se vê este tipo de coisa. [...]
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