Amnesty International

Again, a very nice message from Amnesty International.

amnesty international

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Amnesty International has more than two million members all over the world. All of them give Amnesty International the strength to fight for the dignity and human rights of thousands of people.

The main aim of this action is the recruitment of members. The message is focused on the amount of people that suffer the violation of their human rights every day. It is easy to help them individually, but, when we are talking about a number of victims that increases every day it becomes more difficult, because there will always be someone who will need our help. The more members that support Amnesty International, the more people they can help.

Agency: Ruiz Nicoli Líneas Madrid
Client: Amnesty International
Year: 2006
Copywriter: Álvaro J. Urueña
Art Director: Alex Canora
Executive Creative Director: Delfín Martín