Axe Towels

Title: 'Promotional Towels’
Client: Axe Shower Gel - Unilever
Agency: Lowe MENA
Creative Director / Art Director: Dominic Stallard
Creative Director / Copywriter: Clinton Manson
Copywriter: Ma’n Abu Taleb
Account Management: Joseph Makhoul


ernesto schutz Ramirez said…
Esta de pelos quiero una para mi, jejeje

Ernesto Schutz Ramirez
[...] Axe Towels » AdverBox Advertising and Marketing Blog Cheeky design idea for towels from Axe. Obviously for men! [...]
Yuri said…
Where can I buy these towels? Pleaseeeeee

Thank You. Yuri.
Gotinha said…
Do you know where to buy these great towels online??!
towels said…
They’re a little gimmick, but then not to be taken too seriously. Nonetheless, i’m going to try to find myself one of these.
happy said…
I would like to know how can i buy this very neat towels online??!
Tracy said…
These towels aren\'t just for men. I would love to get my hands on them as well as all the men out there. Their awesome. I think they should have painted the nails on the fingers and toes if they wanted to make it look more feminine.
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lisel said…
Did anyone find out if these are for sale? If so, where can I buy them?
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Alma said…
Can someone tell me which magazine this ad was published in? its urgent, Thanks
neuville said…
Hello Alma,
sorry, I cannot help... :-(

Anyone else?