Che Men's Magazine

che bed

Agency: Duval Guillaume Antwerp
Country: Belgium
Creatives: Dirk Domen (Executive Creative Director)
Geoffrey Hantson (Executive Creative Director)
Gilles de Boncourt (Art Director)
Eric Becker (Copywriter)


Tobi said…
In contrast to many bad ideas this just works, without the need of a staged photo shoot or photoshop job. Same goes for the Axe towels.
kim barron said…
Where would I be able to purchase these sheets above, the one with the man and women on naked or the towels with the hands on them.
John Morrison said…
Had a copy emailed to me. Loved this one and the series. All I want to know is where can I order these. Great gift idea! Keep up the imagination.
happy said…
where can i buy this?
Bud Burbach said…
where can we get the sheets that you have pictured in your website?
Bud Burbach said…
Where can we get the sheets you have pictured above