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nhb sound studios

Scholz & Friends, Hamburg
nhb sound studios - Any Sound You Can Imagine -
"Birth", "Bowling", "Ski Jumper"
Client: nhb studios
Agency: Scholz & Friends, Hamburg
Chief Creative Officers: Stefan Setzkorn/Matthias Schmidt
Creative Directors: Suze Barrett/Tobias Holland
Copywriter: Dennis Lueck
Art Director: Christine Rose
Graphic: Dominik Hengge
Photographer: Ralph Baiker
Production Manager: Metagate, Hamburg


Thomas Neuspiel said…
This campaign by Scholz & Friends, Hamburg for
nhb sound studios - "Any Sound You Can Imagine" is a little too similar to a campaign we did in the early 1990's. The first in the campaign was an image of one very large naked man falling on to another very large naked man. The second was two individuals under the sheets engaged in mutual oral sex labeled "your mom" and "your dad". The tag line on both theses ads, and subsequent ones in the campaign was "If you can imagine a sound we can make it". Both of these ads won Gold lions at Cannes. Perhaps imitation is considered by some as a form of flattery I think that although Scholz & Friends' execution is a good one it's still a rip off. Come on you guys! You can be more original than that.

Thomas Neuspiel
President & Creative Director
Keen Music Inc.
Neuville said…
Hello Thomas,
great find :-)

Can you post the original campaign, please? We'll feature it here!