Mazda MX5

Again a trailer from the "Zoom Zoom" Eurpean Factory.



Title: Mazda MX-5 Every drive’s a thriller
Films: Casino, Desert Treasure
Use: 2007 Pan-European
Client: Mazda Motor Europe
Vice President Marketing: Masahiro Moro
Communications Manager: Damian Donnellan
Agency: JWT-Düsseldorf
Creative Director: Eddy Greenwood
Creatives: Kurt B. Geiger/Igor Karpalov
Director: Luke Scott
Production Company: RSA Films
Print Photography: Peer Brecht
Online Production: Syzygy-London

Full Press Release
“Every drive’s a thriller”. That’s the new advertising campaign from Mazda Motor Europe and JWT-Düsseldorf for the new generation Mazda MX-5. The world’s bestselling roadster is now outfitted with not only the classic soft-top roof, but the fastest folding hardtop roof currently available.

Last year, the Mazda MX-5 “12 Second Thriller” pre-launch campaign combined the exciting, best-in-class handling and performance of the roadster with creative inspiration from the thriller film genre. The new launch campaign takes that concept one step further.

Eddy Greenwood, European Creative Director for Mazda Motor Europe’s lead agency JWT-Düsseldorf said, “With the ‘Every drive’s a thriller’ campaign, JWT has delivered a big idea that’s lots of fun for everyone involved. It works in all channels and it’s inspiring our partner agencies to do great work too.”

“Every drive’s a thriller” boasts two films, “Casino” and “Desert Treasure”, both of which take their cues from major Hollywood thrillers. They were directed by Luke Scott, son to the award-winning director Sir Ridley Scott, and produced by RSA Films. The campaign’s print executions work as movie posters for the two films.

Kurt B. Geiger, Copywriter on the project stated, “The Mazda MX-5 is a thrilling ride, and we wanted to capture that kind of driving excitement with this campaign.” Igor Karpalov, Art Director furthered, “So we used a film genre – and a director – that bring Mazda’s Zoom-Zoom personality to life.”

According to Damian Donnellan, Communications Manager at Mazda Motor Europe, “At Mazda Europe, we work with 22 markets across the entire continent. And they all have their special cultural idiosyncrasies. So it’s important that our communications appeal to everyone and excite all of our owners and customers, no matter where they live. The Mazda MX-5 and the “Every drive’s a thriller” campaign achieve that.”


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