Axe Million Dollar Pixels

Interactive action from Axe Brazil. The main idea was to lead young men into sites like YouTube to watch a video where a hot blond model stripteases in front of a web cam. As soon as the video begins, she tells her telephone number. If the person calls the given number, in a simulated conversation – it's an answering machine faking a conversation –, she tells the user that sexy pictures of her are available at

To help build the buzz, CUBO.CC created a fake model management agency site, called 293 models (293: Axe in alphanumeric).

The video (NSFW, be careful :-):

Girl's phone number/Answering machine: +55 11 30132935
Site Axe:

In this other video CUBOCC teaches how to announce a new account to your co-workers.


Kurre said…
Hmmm... I think something happened to my YouTube stream. The video ended just before the good part began...
Heyyyyyyyyyyy, so good video. Was in 3º position at youtube.