Campaign Against the Cholesterol

Nice news from Fabio Seidl at Africa, Brazil, with his latest work performed at McCann Portugal. Campaign against the cholesterol.



Campaign Against the Cholesterol
Client: Ministry of Health
Titles: “Lego” e “Doctor Teddy Bear”
Copy: “Don’t Play With Your Health. Check Your Cholesterol.”
Copywriter: Fabio Seidl
Art Director: Diogo Mello
Creative Directors: Diogo Anahory, José Carlos Bomtempo
Production/Agency: Nuno Calado
Photo: Platinum
Ilustration: Platinum
Account/Agency: Ana Pedroso
Approved by/Client: Francisco George
Media: Press and Outdoor


Marcelo said…
Is it just me or anyone else think this is a really bad pun? Even though the art direction is genius, I think it's a horrible pun...
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