DEF MINI Records

Nice interactive job made for Mini, the cool citycar by BMW. A virtual record label managed by their CEO Terence Trust. You can see videos, listen to music and vote on polls. The website is quite well done, with good look&feel and usability. The unique thing I find odd is the use of social tricks is missing from the website (like some youtubing or code embedding to spread the word over the deep internet). In this way the website gives just a standalone view, looking similar to pre-social flashy sites seen in 2002.

def mini records


britishbreakfast said…
I'm sorry... there is youtubing. ;)
Neuville said…
Hello britishbreakfast,
that's nice, thank you. The website still looks poor at me (it's very difficult to find the connection with youtube). I'd have managed it in a more integrated way
britishbreakfast said…
your welcome... ;)
in fact it is wrong managed, when you want to post the vids in a blog for example. there is a send a friend option, but it's right when you say, that you could have done better to make it work for blogs.