To inform business people about how DHL Express provides a fast, efficient and reliable service, at Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam they made this three-dimensional billboard measuring 7 x 5 metres, located directly in front of Schiphol Airport's main entrance.
A small ball rolls from point A to B via the shortest route. At the end of its journey, the ball is transported via an invisible conveyor belt within the billboard back to the top to begin the same journey again, along the same route. Again and again; always the right way.

Agency: Ogilvy Amsterdam
Art Director: Jan-Willem Smits
Copywriter: Edsard Schutte
Creative Director: Carl Le Blond
Photographer: Arno Bosma
Prod. Manager: Martine Houthuijs
Prod. Company: Armada Signs
Client: DHL

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