Florida goes viral

Florida, the fourth largest state in the United States, set out to prepare people for the potential of a flu pandemic, but officials at the health department there faced a tough challenge: Most Floridians doubted a pandemic was likely or that it would threaten them personally. What's more, they had a point: No one knows when (or if) a pandemic might hit. So instead of pitching panic, the state, working with the agency Marketing for Change, focused on the behaviors they hoped to change -- a series of hygienic actions such as washing hands, covering coughs and staying home when sick. Then they built the campaign not around the risk of a pandemic, but around what really matters to people: Fitting in. Four out of five people wash their hands after using the rest room. So the central character in this new campaign is the proverbial fifth guy. And no one wants to be the fifth guy.

The campaign also includes a media tour by the Fifth Guy featured in the ads, as well as radio (English, Spanish and Haitian), outdoor (English and Spanish) and print. Find below the links to sownload billboards:

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[...] Adverbox vient de relayer une campagne assez originale mise en place par l’état de Floride afin de limiter la propagation des bonnes vieilles pandémies de type rhume, gastro et autres joyeusetés que vous devez certainement connaitre. [...]