Havaiian Tropic

havaiian tropic

Client: Hawaiian Tropic / Tradebanco AB, Gitte Broberg Persson
Title. Enjoy the sun
Agency: Grey Stockholm
Martin Stadhammar, Creative Director
Daniel Backman, Art director
Marcus Nyström, Copywriter
Lillan Geijer, Account service

Press Release:

Grey Stockholm uses Ouch Pink in new campaign for Hawaiian Tropic.

Grey Stockholm targets people that really want to enjoy the sun in the new campaign for Hawaiian Tropic. The new ad shows the benefit of the product with the colours “Ouch pink” and “Hawaiian Tropic Brown”

- We want to do something different in this rather boring category, says Martin Stadhammar, Creative Director at Grey Stockholm. We have a brave client that sees beyond the traditional ads with super tanned smiling faces.

- Usually sun lotion is marketed with fancy photos picturing tanned women with Hollywood smiles. With these ads we are establishing a some what unique look and feel that presents the benefits of using Hawaiian Tropic in a different way by only using colours and materials, says Marcus Nyström, copywriter at Grey Stockholm.

- Of course we want everybody to Enjoy the sun. But I think that everybody once or twice have skipped the sun lotion and then regrets it the next day. The color ad says: Enjoy the sun, but do it wisely, explains Daniel Backman, Art Director.

This is the second unit in the Hawaiian Tropic-campaign from Grey Stockholm. The first ad consisted of a reflecting material, to be used to maximize the effect by the sun. The ad simply stated: Enjoy the sun!

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Good Idea!
Enjoy the sun... carefully!
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