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Challenge: Make the target go to the website and checkout all the short courses that are offered about computer support at the A.L.C

Idea: Paste the stickers below the mouse in Santiago "cybercafes". These stickers won't let the mouse’s work so the user’s instinct will make them check the back of the mouse to see what happened. Then they will find the message,"Study computers support" and the logo and the web address. The following message could not be delivered: When the target retires the sticker they will find another message that mentions how fast you can learn.

Advertised brand: A.L.C.
Advert title(s): Mouse
Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country):
Creative Director: Marcelo Feliu
Art Director:Paulo Jerez
Copywriter:Alejandro “Lato” La Torre
Published/Released (Month, Year):06/2007