Brahma Beer and Nice Shoes

Nice spot from Brahma Beer.

Client: Brahma
Title/Length: Flip Pong/:30
Shot in: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Agency: mcgarrybowen
Art Director: Lew Willig
Creative Director: Lew Willig, Mark Koelfgen
Executive Producer: Roseanne Horn
Exec CD(s): Randy Van Kleeck, Warren Eakins
Producer: Mary Ellen Verrusio
Copywriter: Mark Koelfgen
Production Company: Anonymous Content
Director: Armando Bo
Executive Producer: Jeff Baron
Producer: Jennifer Barrons
Editorial: Beast
Editor: Adam Schwartz
Assistant Editor: Jai Shukla
Postproduction: Nice Shoes
Colorist: Lez Rudge
Online Editor: Rich Schreck
Audio Post: Audio Engine
Engineer: Carl Mandelbaum
Sound Design: So Loud
Sound Designer: Paul Riggio

Full Press Release follows; it looks they've used special effects on the spot...

Nice Shoes Utilizes Specter 2K Virtual Datacine To Create Warm Brazilian Look for Frosty Cold Brahma Beer Ad

NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 14, 2007 – In “Flip Pong,” a tasty new global spot for Brahma beer and ad agency mcgarrybowen, Nice Shoes ( colorist Lez Rudge – using the Thomson Grass Valley Specter 2K Virtual Datacine as his creative tool – managed to enhance the warm beauty of the Brazilian sun, while still highlighting the ice cold pleasure of the popular Brazilian beer.

Reflecting the laid-back feeling of the country, the spot opens in the center of a sun-soaked Brazilian city where two guys set up a makeshift ping pong table. The makeshift vibe goes further as each pong player uses their flip flop shoe as a paddle. The game ensues, ending as the ball ricochets off the impromptu table and down a sewer grate. The camera zooms out to an apartment perch overlooking the game, where a cold Brahma beer sits invitingly.

The spot was shot over two days in Rio de Janeiro, with the lighting situation changing radically. The rough cut had jarring edits with the light going from a little overcast to extremely high contrast. Lez and the Nice Shoes team worked to create a consistent warm tone.

According to Rudge, the Specter 2K Virtual Datacine color grading system (one of the three Thomson Grass Valley Specter 2K Virtual Datacines currently in use at Nice Shoes) enhanced the creative process, as they were able to see the scenes play out in cut order, and quickly make decisions and changes. Having purchased the first Specter on the East Coast back in 2004, Nice Shoes has since added two more Specters to its equipment arsenal, which also includes three Spirit Telecines.

Scanned in from film footage, the spots are stored as data before being conformed in the Specter. Footage is then available to be viewed and color corrected in cut order. By allowing color work to be done in a completely non-linear environment, color correction can proceed at a brisk pace while allowing further changes to be made very quickly and at later stages.

A global spot, “Flip Pong” will soon be airing in the United Kingdom, the Ukraine, and several other international markets.


New York City-based Nice Shoes is a full service HD post-production house specializing in high-end commercial work. Established in 1996 with the goal of creating a boutique environment that stays ahead of industry trends, the studio employs the newest technology including three Specter 2K Datacines and four Discreet (Autodesk) Flame/ Smoke suites, totally HD capable.

To extend into broadcast design, shoot supervision, visual effects and 3D, Freestyle Collective was born into the Nice Shoes family in 2001, followed shortly by Guava in 2002. Clients include IBM, Maybelline, Pepsi, and VH1.


shai vera said…
How is they list a credit for everyone involved in the production except the cinematographer?
Anthony Plowright said…

Hello. Like it, the musical part is very good.