Fida Film

Fida Film acquires theatrical, home video and television domestic rights for foreign films in Turkey and also started feature film production recently.
The aim of this campaign is to make people realise that when movies are concerned, the entertainment aspect lasts even after the film ends on silver screen. People play “silent movie” game in social gathering instances where they try to explain/guess the name of a movie -most probably brought to them by Fida Film- by using just body gestures. The campaign makes use of illustrations to visualise those body gestures in viewers mind. In the end, it’s all about bringing pieces of clues together and solve the puzzle. Try to solve it by yourself, and enjoy! ;-)

fida film fida film
fida film fida film

Advertised brand: Fida Film
Advert title(s): Born on the screen, lives in memories: Cinema
Translation of headline to English:
Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): GREY Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Tugbay Bilbay, Engin Kafadar, Tevfik Sems Naipoglu
Art Director: Caglar Biyikoglu
Copywriter: Tugbay Bilbay
Illustrator: Caglar Biyikoglu
Typography: Engin Kafadar