If it always happens to your car, change for a Suzuki. Or it was Fiat?

I'm a fan of guerrilla and ambient marketing, and I'm happy to post new things dropped into my email. Just received this ambient action from Parmedia, a Russian advertising agency. It reminded me of the Fiat service ambient ad posted about two years ago. I really don't feel it has been copied; maybe it's just common sense. BTW this is the ad:

suziki abient

The text on serviceman: "While you go shopping, we will repair your car". The tagline is quite different from Fiat, and also the product proposition. The nice thing is that I currently drive a Fiat, and it keeps stopping... maybe I should switch to a Suzuki... ;-)
Despite this, I still prefer the Fiat one (the ad, not the car), because it looks more real and funny.