Multiple Sclerosis

multiple sclerosis

Agency: cummins&partners, Melbourne
Client: Multiple Sclerosis, Australia
Creative Team: Matthew Page & Carolyn Davis
Photographer: Derek Swalwell.


MeLissa said…
I have ms, it has always been such a horrible ugly thing. This ad is absolutely beautiful! ms may be just another disease, but how it effects lives is why its so important to find a cure. This ad is so simply stated and perfectly on target, at least for me anyway, sometimes i forget life itself is lovely, there are just some horrible variables.
Vinay Deswal said…
All things - lovely or ugly (as we perceive) belong to almighty.We are to live it fullest-maximum possible I mean.Do not compare and you will be happy.
Allysha said…
I must agree; this ad is beautiful. My mother had lived with M.S. more than half her life. Like in anything, you really must live to the fullest.
malca said…
This ad is amazing, my mother is living with MS, and this add really shows in a beautiful what the disease is all about.
Angie said…
I love this picture. I have MS and sometimes it is hard to get people to understand what living with it is like. This picture does a wonderful job.
T said…
I have MS and I find this ad to be problematic. I think the image itself is rather hauntingly lovely and I think the intentions are in the right place, However, the model in this ad is incredibly frail looking, weak and hopeless. I do not like a "Use By" message on a woman's body, in any context. One of the problems with media messages surrounding MS is that it represents it as a terrifying disease. Please don't misunderstand me, it is and can be terrifying and horrible, but I think especially for the newly diagnosed, it adds a level of fear that can exacerbate the MS itself. It is SO important for those of us who have MS and the people who love us to remain positive, to think above the disease and, at all costs, to not let it get the better of us.