Nike: Battle of the Nine Gates, Dongzhimen

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finalposterpreview.jpg Nike: Battle of the Nine Gates, Dongzhimen

An experience marketing campaign for NIKE focusing around a 3-on-3 Basketball tournament in Beijing. This concept is centered around the 9 Gates of the old Beijing city, allowing Beijing kids compete within their Gate. Pop culture meets ancient turf wars as the kids of Beijing stand behind their Gate.

Advertising Agency: DMG, Beijing, China
Chief Creative Officer: Dan Mintz
Creative Directors: Kelvin Mak, Weibing Xu
Art Directors: Weber Zhang, Alan Guo, Ben Dong, Leo Sui, Hui Wang, Yeesin Heng
Copywriter: Ray Yuan
Photographer: Alan Guo
Designers: Zhenyu Zhao, Yuanyuan Ni, Sinel Luo, Zuoxiao Yang
Published: May 2007