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1st aid ambient campaign. Know what to do.

canadian red cross

canadian red cross

September 8 marked World First Aid Day across the globe and the launch of an innovative “street casualty” public service campaign designed to grab Canadians’ attention about the importance of knowing first aid and CPR.
After an extremely successful Toronto launch of the first aid “Know What to Do” awareness campaign in 2006, the Red Cross made the decision to run it nationally this year.

So successful in fact, over 7,600 people saw the promotion over a two-day period. The campaign was also used as a teaching aid by Professor Jacques Perconte in his new media art program at the University of Paris, and will be featured in an upcoming "Emotional design - Products stirring emotions” exhibition at the Badisches Landes museum in Germany.

Created by Toronto’s Downtown Partners, unconventional life-size decals of a collapsed man and woman will be placed at the bottom of selected high-traffic Cineplex Odeon stairwells across Canada.

“Know what to do. Learn First Aid” calls to action a need for first aid training among the general public in order to react with the right steps in crisis situations.


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