New Asabailey Viral Video Campaign

In response to Lord Saatchi's most recent calls for the Conservative party to stop its "nicely nicely approach to advertising and PR" and to get back to basics, Asabailey have created this online viral and TV campaign to create debate between consumers and the media in the Midlands and the North of England, all as an early general election looks ever more likely.

Using real Mobile Phone style footage, and images of "life under Labour" the campaign highlights the darker sides of life in modern New Labour Britain and places the blame firmly at the feet of the current Labour government.

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purplesimon said…
This "viral" is truly atrocious. She doesn't look drunk and so what if she falls over, it's not hurting anyone but herself. Stupid, pointless and doesn't speak to any audience - certainly not those that may be blighted by binge drinking or anti-social behaviour caused by drinking.

And let's not forget what the Conservative party gave us - a social strata that has given rise to a me-me attitude.

Also, one final thing: why is the copy that goes along with this more like a party manifesto than a description of the work?