Stella Artois - La Bouteille

Life was very hard in 1366. People managed to survive terrible dangers, trying to brew the perfect beer. The new Stella Artois website will be released to the public on Sept. 18 (we just received an exclusive preview from the people at Stella Artois); it's a great piece of interactive marketing and "traditional" advertising, where old jobs and new animatics are joined together to ensure a very good brand experience.

The website goes through different ages, challenging visitors in different ways (from a nice "balance the world" advergame to the old previously released "The Trap"). The star is always the perfectly brewed glass of Stella Artois.

All the job is built to drive people to discover the history, challenges and quality of Stella Artois, and its development through 650 years of history.

stella artois

A blog is also available, giving previews and goodies, waiting for the launch of the "La Bouteille" website.

Cinematic Website Trailer:

Stella Artois Destiny Commercial:

Stay tuned for the launch on September 18!


°flo said…
Someone pleeease tell me how to solve the setting sun game!