Thank you!

Just back from a long vacation, before starting my brand-new job (tomorrow morning, tell me "good luck" ;-) The robot made its job, posting a new ad a day, at 8.00 am!

This post is just to inform the readers of these pages that we're on the Power 150 marketing blogs worldwide, compiled by Todd Andrlik at Advertising Age. We're the number 23 (not so bad, we're posting stuff out there since two years, so we're very young for the internet time).

This result have been reached thanks to you, that join this blog everyday, looking around for inspiration while drinking your coffe. This was possible thanks to our editors, the current friends - Alex, Markettara - and the future friends, that joined the AdverBox team to make it better for your voyeurism.

Stay tuned, in the next weeks there will be some new things you should love, if you love us.

Thank you!

adverbox at adage power 150


AAA Copywriter said…
Congrats to all of you. I'ts a year I'm following the blog, and it's precious to me as much as to all of us in the online marketing community.

Avanti così, ragazzi! :)

Daniel Coelho said…
Congratulations. And keep up the good work.