There is no V in Wodka


W + K Amsterdam is behind a black & white and rather gloomy online project to promote Polish vodka brand Wodka Wyborowa. The site revolves around a "W movement" claiming there is no "v" in the vodka distilled by Wyborowa. The original vodka comes from Poland, and it's spelled with the "W". All the content of the site explores this idea through various characters and features. It's takes a bit too long for the features to load, but the site is interesting enough to be explored.



purplesimon said…
Tep, lovely spelling error in the opening shots. Today's newspaper is missing an apostrophe.

Now, to whom do I send my proofreading invoice?
purplesimon said…
Yes, my 'spolling errer' in the opening word of my previous comment is intentional. :-)