Versus Cancer

The Versus Cancer concert held once a year in Manchester features a collection of Manchester music icons coming together and playing each others tracks together.

To promote the charity further than just the concert BJL used the idea that itÂ’s not just the musicians coming together to fight cancer but itÂ’s also the crowd and anyone else who wanted to show their support.

They created a pin badge and online list that allowed people to come together and ‘Line Up’ shoulder to shoulder, once registered on the site you received a unique number that you wrote onto your badge.

Versus Cancer

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Advertised brand: Versus Cancer
Advert title(s): Line Up
Advertising Agency (Name, City, Country): BJL, Manchester, UK
Art Director: Richard Pearson
Copywriter: Harinder Bajwa
Designers: Neil Boote, Ian Patterson
Production Director: Caroline Marsden