Audi Strings: an advert as none before

Nacho Gayán, from Agosto directs this spot for Audi. Under the motto “A car created as none before”, the new spot presents a method of construction that nobody would ever associated with a car. Based on a concept from the agency DDB Barcelona, Nacho filmed a movie that has, at least, a bit of magic.

Title: Strings
Client: Audi
Agency: DDB Barcelona
Creative Director: Alberto Astorga
Art Director: Jaume Badía
Copywriter: Alfredo Binefa
Accounts Manager: Francesca Gonzalez
Accounts Executive: Paco López
Agency Producer: Vicky Moñino

Production company: Agosto
Director: Nacho Gayán
Producer: Toni Moreno
DOP: Paco Femenía
Editor: Fabrizio Rosetti
String Advisors: Philip & Steve Noble
FX Company: Asylum
Prague Service: Stillking
Post-production: Metropolitana
Music: BSO

The making of the spot:


Lukas H. said…
I dont know, if this advert is like none before, what about the british skoda advert? Engeneers baking the car as a cake. In my opinion the idea is similar
Neuville said…
hello Lukas,
please, post the youtube of the Skoda brit ad :-)
[...] wants a new BFF and MTV has launched a new reality show to help her find one. - DDB Barcelona brings out hand string games to somehow illustrate how its cars are built. We sure hope they’re made of [...]
miC. said…
Maybe both ideas are similar, but from the production point of view, the originality of this advert is that it was filmed without posproduction effects, that is everything that you see in the ad was made in front of the camera thus making a much more complicated execution.