PandaPanther - MTV Tr3s

This series of interstitials for MTV Tr3s is the latest from NYC-based PandaPanther. PandaPanther just signed to Blacklist's (a Psyop company) roster in January of 2008.

Title: Top 20
Client: MTV
Brand: MTV Tr3s
VP On Air Design: Romy Mann
SVP, MTV Design: Jeffrey Keyton
Art Directors: Ana Sanchez, Doug Filak
Managing Producer: Susannah Nilosek
Studio: PandaPanther, New York
Directors: Jonathan Garin & Naomi Nishimura, PandaPanther
DP: Ian Dudley
Executive Producer: Lydia Holness
Assistant Producer: Natsu Takahashi
Designers: Naomi Nishimura, Jonathan Garin, Ari Hwang, Simon Benjamin
3d Animators: Jonathan Garin, Han Hu, Gordana Fersini
3d Artists: Ari Hwang, Michal Finegold, Steven Hill, Shu Chen Lin
2d Animation & Compositing: Naomi Nishimura, Jonathan Garin
Music & Sound design: Handsome Panther, Eric Holness, John Black of Cypher Audio