South Carolina Tourism Campaign

Another campaign from The Bounce Agency for South Carolina Tourism.
All the work was installed in the parking garages beneath Millennium Park in Chicago. The campaign is called Time To Thaw, and was produced as a quick, down and dirty awareness campaign this past February to remind folks in Chicago that South Carolina is just a short plane flight away if theyĆ¢€™re looking for a warm escape from the brutal Chicago winter.

All of the work directed people to where they could learn more about South Carolina or book a flight. It was a short campaign lasting about a month starting around the first week of February.

South Carolina Tourism Campaign South Carolina Tourism Campaign

South Carolina Tourism Campaign South Carolina Tourism Campaign
South Carolina Tourism Campaign South Carolina Tourism Campaign


Brian Finn said…
This campaign is awesome. I'm ready to head to the beach now..
LaBob said…
Let's give credit where credit is due. The idea and strategy came from SCT's media agency, Rawle Murdy in Charleston, SC. Bounce, SCT's creative agency did the execution. This was indeed a great collaboration of two highly creative shops based in the South. Nice work.
Dr. T said…
Let me start with giving proper credit (as i am familiar how PRT works in this state and NO i do not work for bounce although i have been impressed with some of their recent ambient work - see
Yes, Rawle is the MEDIA agency and I'm sure they did a valiant effort in targeting their media because, yes, going after a cold city to bring people to the warmth is nice.

But this site praises different thinking. And what makes this idea great - the fact that there were ads in a Chicago parking garage or the fact that the work brilliantly uses the environment to engage the viewer?

Which goes back to credit. And Bounce gets credit for the idea of turning this media opportunity into a home run.

All you have to do is compare the two campaigns mentioned here and you realize that the minds developing the visuals you see reside in Greenville.
As a complete case study, kudos to all who worked on it.