Nokia N-Series - Fusions

Explore - Just Protect Yourself - Bronze at Cannes

Budweiser - Dude

Neosports - Gas

Fedex - Carrier Pigeons

Monster - Legs and Stork

Net10 - Bill, Marlene and Bonnie

Thrifty Car Rental

Energizer Lithium Batteries

Orangina: Handmade


Samsung Soul UK Dino Tour

Grand Prix goes to...

Gewista Billboard Media

Honda Civic

Nike Golf: Never

Samsung F40 Viral

Green Thing MacBook Air

BMW 7 Series: House of Mirrors

The Life Changing Box

Guerrilla to Volkswagen Brasil

Comcast High-Speed Internet: Rabbit

Amnesty International - Your Signature Counts

VolksWagen Outrageously Rich

Biblioteq Creative Books

Apple iPhone: Hallway

Hershey's PayDay - Time Machine

Le Parisien: Google Earth

Taco Bell Voter

Kohler Karbon Faucet

Some Doritos Shots

Jet Blue: Jetting is...

Samsung - Drag and Drop World

Chevrolet Aveo: Transformer

Dove Chocolate

Mercedes-Benz G-Class: Paper World

Blush - Stop Nudism

Organ Donation

Nokia Stingray

Osem Tomato Ketchup

Le Lait - Quebec

Washington Lottery: Birds

Axe Dry Sharp Focus: Paranoid Eye

Volkswagen Golf

Stroke Association - Strokeförbundet

Heinz Hot Ketchup - Burn

Coca-Cola: The Unhuggables

Heineken: Helicopter (Man Hug)