The Life Changing Box

The Life Changing Box game is a Facebook application believed to be the first of its kind… A contest with big prizes - many worth thousands of dollars! It is part of a marketing strategy developed to promote a new campaign from Lowe New York. The client sponsoring the application will be revealed as the game progresses. is a mysterious website designed to intrigue users and let them guess what is inside this “Life Changing Box.” This first of its kind contest will run for one month starting on June 12th, 2008

life changing box life changing box

It is a lottery-style game based around 10 boxes that open to give prizes to whomever is in possession of them.

To get possession of a box you go to its application page and “touch” the box. Whoever touches the box first is in possession of it. Email and other contact info must be entered in case you win. The pic and name of the holder appears next to the box on the app page.

Here's a pic of the contest page:

life changing box

the app on Facebook (need to login)