Konami Mobile

This set of print ads for Konami Mobile ran as part of an 8-page Konami-sponsored insert in the September 2008 issues of Playstation Magazine, XBOX Magazine and PC Gamer. The insert included editorial and ads that were targeted to mobile gamers, the non-traditional gamers that take and play their games on the go. The goal was to let these gamers know about Konami’s mobile gaming offering.

The cover ad was created to promote the Konami brand as a mobile gaming company and to represent their catalog of mobile game titles. The goal was to communicate that wherever you go, you can take your gaming world with you, thanks to Konami. For this ad, moreYELLOW created a hybrid world that meshes video game scenarios with real life. All the graphic elements in the scene were created from scratch via a photo shoot and 3D modeling for Hellboy, Silent Hill’s “Pyramid Man” and the frogs from Frogger. Even the street and crosswalk were built in 3D.

The second ad was designed to tease readers for the availability of their newest mobile title, “Dance, Dance Revolution.” The challenge was to show how mobile gamers can experience all of the movement and life of the game on their mobile phone but to communicate it in a print environment. The result was combining an action shot and adding in colorful illustrations to show lots of movement.

Advertising Agency: moreYELLOW, Mission Viejo, CA, USA
Agency website: http://www.moreyellow.com
Creative Director: Jordan Mauriello
Designer: Ludo Prigent
Copywriter: Chris DeNinno
Photographer: Anders Hugo
3D Modelers: Pawel Hynek & Soner Yurtseven