Red martians on a yellow sky

Director Nacho Gayán, from Agosto, shows in this advert for Golf how weird the world can be.
The DDB agency uses daltonism as an excuse to communicate a concept full of emotion. More than to rely on other people's opinion, the most important thing is how we choose to look around us.

The photography of the spot produced by Agosto uses bizarre color shifts to insert us in a strange universe of green blood, red martians and blue sunflowers. Everyday objects take this way a new aspect and we realize that even the most evident things can become relative.

Surrealistic humor to celebrate the triumph of passion against perception.


Anthony Plowright said…
I quite like it.
[...] VW setzt auf ähnliche Mittel. Eine völlig verschoben-bizarre Sicht der Farben, die mit dem Satz “Who cares about martians?” (etwa: “Wenn interessieren schon Außerirdische?”) abschließt. Seht selbst. [via] [...]