Energy [R]evolution

Via Osocio, the premiere of the new worldwide Greenpeace campaign.

“Unlike other energy scenarios that promote energy futures at the cost of the climate, our energy revolution scenario shows how to save money and maintain global economic development without fuelling catastrophic climate change. All we need to kick start this plan is bold energy policy from world leaders”.

Campaign pages at Greenpeace


What absolute trash that video is. Taking a great President and making him look like a Kool-Aid drinking global warming, errrr climate change, zombie. The man was assassinated for opposing the very New World Order climate change is set to fund (via a carbon tax, or a tax on breathing).

I'm tired of explaining this to you fluoridated water drinking, mercury laden vaccine taking, public school molded, dumbed down by design zombies.

Dadu said…
Is it just me or his voice horrible...It sound so computerized that it ends up detracting from the message?
Wedsign said…
I bet someone would turn around in his grave if he saw this...!!