Folha Top 10's Travel Guides

Client: Folha Top 10's Travel Guides
Title: We selected the best spots for your trip.
Agency: Africa Sao Paulo, Brazil
Copywriter: Fabio Seidl
Art Director: Bruno Brasil
Creative Directors: Nizan Guanaes, Sergio Gordilho, Fabio Seidl, Bruno Brasil
Photos: AGB, Keystone and Raul Raichtailer


nice nice!!!!!I love it!
the only thing that i don't like is the booklet...
it's colors and where it's placed in the lay-out..
affect the whole visual

so nice concept, great picture (except the right corner)
Anthony Plowright said…
Folha Top 10’s Travel Guides
Hello. Quite interesting. But like someone else said here above, the little book place in the images, has such an ugly covering.
Wedsign said…
I disagree Maarten! Seems to be more a marker ad then a tour guide commercial!
Nevertheless great execution..