Ford Fiesta - This Is Now

This Is Now is a unique European collaborative art project, in which the public are invited to co-create an unparalleled collection of images that capture the essence of 'now'. The project's four stages are:

1. Noah Harris, acclaimed stop motion animation artist (and director of the Fiesta TV ad), has commissioned a series of pieces from some of Europe's most promising young artists.

2. Art students across Europe were asked to submit works that depicted their own interpretation of 'now'.

3. The public are now invited to submit their own interpretations of 'now' to the This is Now Flickr group.

4. Launching in October, the Fiesta content portal will enable visitors to browse the project's entire collection of images, create a unique mash up that defines 'now' for them and share it with the world.


franciis said…
wonderfull pictures
[...] izlemekten zevk ald???m tek bir reklam oldu, o da müzi?i ve görselli?in etkisinden olacak, ford’un yeni fiesta reklam?. reklam?n ad? “this is now”; ajans ogilvy. youtube’u görüntüleyebildi?inizi umarak reklam? da sayfaya koyuyorum. kampanyayla ilgili daha ayr?nt?l? çal??ma için buraya. [...]